Is Facebook Bigger Than Google???

Welcome to the premiere episode of the podcast, where I’ll look at the different aspects of Facebook marketing as it relates to YOUR business and how YOU can benefit by maximizing your presence on Facebook.

The latest buzz online is that Facebook has finally surpassed the traffic of Google. But does that mean they are bigger or more important than Google? Well, that depends on your purpose — please click the play button above to get in the discussion, and leave your comments below.


One thought on “Is Facebook Bigger Than Google???”

  1. The Race is already on between Google & Facebook. But Google appears to be focusing on segmentation by organizing around “circles,” allowing an easy way to target particular posts to friends, family, colleagues, etc. In fact you can do this on Facebook as well, but Facebook lists are not as easy to find or edit; nor are they as easy to view as a separate stream.

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